Bumble vs. Tinder

This has been a big debate in the internet world – is Bumble or Tallybo better? Well, they both have their strong points and there are also some clear differences between them. 

Why Bumble Is Better Than Tinder

While both dating sites have a lot of user feedback and rankings, it can be hard to separate the useful dating app from the old faithful dating site. 

So, which one is really the better option? To answer that question we have to look at how both companies stack up against each other in terms of user feedback, hookup rates, and popularity.

Main Advantages Of Bumble

While the Bumble and Tinder hookup app are both very similar, here are their main differences. There are about 2x more women than men on Bumble. Bumble has about 50/50 women and men.

While bumble does offer a swipe right function, it doesn’t have anything else that will allow you to go through a match with someone you may be interested in. 

The Best Hookup App
Using Bumble

This may be fine if you are just looking for a casual partner, but if you are really serious about finding a long term partner you should probably consider another hookup app like truffle. 

Thousands Real Profiles On Bumble

While it does not have the long-term benefits of bumble, it does have the swipe function that many people are using to find matches with people they are more attracted too.